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Location:Detroit, MI
Sexual Preference:Boys

BANDS(TOP 7):Mindless Self Indulgence, AFI, From first to last, Brand New, Esthero & Flaw
MOVIES(5):Idle Hands, The new guy, Night at the roxburry, Night of the living dead & Life as a house.
BOOKS(3):Fight club, Lovely bones & Flowers in the attic
COLORS(2):Pink and Black
How would you describe yourself? (3 or more sentences): I am really outgoing when it comes to friends. I can get shy around new people once in awhile. I won't give up on something I truely believe in.

:What do you think;
What do you think about plastic surgery?:Plastic Sugery well if someone wants it and they aren't bothering me then go for it.
What do you think about drugs?: Well its hard to find someone who does not do any type of drug like smoke down for instance. But its not for me.
What do you think about anorexia?:I think if someone seems to think they are over weight then they should probably do some kind of diet plan because more then likely you will weigh more then you did before you decided to starve yourself. Its normally a faze or complex someone is given.
Do you think you are pretty? Explain.:I could be alot worse looking so i'm thankful for how I look. But everyone has them days when they are like "Hey I look like crap" or "wow I look cute" ya know?
If you were a superhero, what would you want your name to be? It would have to be B rock. I like it and thats about all that matters.

Promote in 2 places and link back: www.livejournal.com/users/alonendarkness/
Give us 3 pictures of yourself & one of someone you think is hot:
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I think this boy is a hottie.
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& Lastly, how did you hear about us?:Random journal.

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