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so this week has been fun.
i have 1 more real final tomorrow.
today was my last day in biology and i think my last day in my english 4 teacher's class also.
yesterday i got the highest grad eon my algebra 2 final and i got a B on my contemp. final which i was really dreading.
tomorrow i have civics and P.E. ewww [i have to make up a mile tomorrow].
my grandma has been over for a couple days cause my mom and sister are sick.
i was sick all last weekend kind of.
this weekend is a three day weekend and i'm going to have lots and lots of fun.
if you live anywhere near the O.C. then give me a jingle and maybe we'll hang out.
im me if you want to.

so my grandma made this bomb ass salad that is a family tradition.
it's fucking delicious.

it has cucumbers, roma tomatoes, green onions, redwine vinager, olive oil, salt and pepper.

it was my nana's 68th birthday on monday.
so on sunday we went to a place in san clemente called sonny's for dinner, the food was so fucking good.
and then she spent the night and we went to starbucks that morning.

isn't she adorable ????

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