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text theme//100pts.

So lately my life has been a complete mess, and that's why I've been inactive
I've had no control over my emotions and one moment I was happy as hell and the next I'd just feel completely numb.
My teacher recommended for me to watch this movie called What The Bleep Do We Know? and I was totally blown away. So if anyone is feeling down in the dumps or just wants to see a good movie, seriously check this one out- it will change the way you think about things like emotions and yourself. Its amazing.
Well on that note, I've decided to do the text theme. Oh and does anyone want to be my el jayy friend because I never transfered the ones from my old account over so I pretty much only have like three.

1. i know that one day i'm going to make movies.
2. if i could bang any carcrashhh member, it'd be frank_the_tankk.
3. buuuut, i'd rather bang Jenna from THe Last Kiss's boy/girlfriend.
4. i want people to tell me that im not as crazy as i feel.
5. i know that i'd be completely happy if I could get the Andy Warhol shirt I saw in hot topic today.
6. right now i'm listening to Blowers DAughter By Damien Rice.
7. i'm wearing a blue stripped shirt and skinny jeans.
8. i should be reading my book for American lit. right now.
9. if i was on a plane full of snakes, i would call and complain to Cobra Starship.
10. i love text themes.

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