Abbey. (abstractweather) wrote in ____carcrashhh,

need some help.

First of all...


Alright so, most of you have probably noticed how rating communities are on the verge of a downfall. As pathetic as this sounds, they are quite entertaining, and I would like for them to stick around.
The ones that are active, mostly only base acceptance on e-popularity. (We've all seen completely busted people get accepted to rating communities based only on their e-popularity.)
It's irritated me for quite some time, so I'm finally doing something about it.
I literally just opened a rating community, that is going to be very selective.
None of this e-popularity bullshit, you have to be physically attractive to actually be accepted.
Ask me for the name of the community if you're interested in joining.
The reason I'm asking this community to help me out, is because most of the members here are attractive.
I need some people to apply, and possibly a co-mod.
Help me out?

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