June 23rd, 2006

stamped// +100 pointss

so today was a lot of fun besides the first four hours of the day. i had my last day of my junior year.
so then i slept after i got home.
then later i went to a local band's show at my friend's house.
i know 4 people. leo- basist tim-lead guitarist colin-drummer/vocalist and james- the ropes of the group, the vocalist/drummer.
i happen to have a huge crush on colin. he's so fucking hot.
they're name is ambergine and they're amazing, they're a hard core band. i ussually don't take to hardcore music and moshers and hardcore dancers make me laugh, but they are really good.
they'll be famous one day. they're signed by a small lable right now.
i'm going to another one of their shows at hogie's in july :]
then when i got home i totally made s'mores cupcakes :]
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