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people repost this please!!

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toilet is love

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Yes thats right win your self a place of FAME!!

All you have to do is colour in the adorable lil bunny wabbit and you could be featured on the toy box flyer for our london show!! Plus you may recive some other special treats :D

Just colour in the wabbit either using computer editing or print it off and scan it in.

Go crazy with it, runners up will be put as slide shows on the myspace and on the main site!

have a go! Go on you know you wana :P

(click the image to go to full sized version)


1. Please try not to change the resolution of the picture too much for printing reasons

2. You can colur in the sign on the picture but leave it blank (no writing) as this is where the gig details are going to go

3. Once done e-mail you pics to

winners will be anounced soon get scribbling

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You all must come to see the fucked up trash queens, TOYBOX, at the G-Lounge in Camden! (if no-one knows where it is just ask and I'll give directions - it's not far from Camden tube station!!!)... FOLLOWED BY Slimelight, in Angel Islington, as an after party sorta thing. This would be a great oppurtunity for EVERYONE to meet up and have lots of fun and magickness! The dates, etc, are being told to everyone really early... SO NO EXCUSES, SAVE YOUR MONEY UP AND COME!!!! =D

I will have sweets!!! ^_^ *mwah* hehe.. so make sure you all get your lil faerie bums down there! =D

1 Jul 2006 19:00

G-Lounge AND Slimelight
Camden / Angel Islington

(ask for details, if needed!)

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manakin and me

More Box news

Entracte - london label - REALLY wanna release the Horse Hospital version of 'Daddy' as a 7 inch

Stevo - head honcho of Some Bizarre, who released Neubaten, Coil, Test Dept, Soft Cell etc in the 80s heard your stuff and said he will come to your next London gig
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toilet is love


7th april Racehorse Northampton more details to come doors 3 quid probably get your glam on ready to rock cocks and frocks

Thinking we may have nightmare clowns with candy
toilet is love


The new video for "neverland" enjoy

Free video hosting, video codes at

below is the code for the video, add it to you profile :)