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Bite Me Freak

The Unique Ones
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Apply if you Dare. Auto Accepting is over.

Welcome to ____bestfreaks. Yes, this is another dumb fuck rating community. However, us here at ____bestfreaks are sick and tired of rating communities that judge on appearance or musical tastes or style. We are the rejects of these communities. We may not be the most attractive, the most popular, or most barbie-doll like; but, we are the most intelligent, different, bitchy, freaky, and above all not afraid of being ourselves, and being nasty to those that are sheep, that follow the crowd where ever it may lead. We are the weirdos, the goths, the punks, the intellectuals, the bizarre, the nerds, and damned proud of it. Not only have most of us been labeled the freaks for most of our lives, we are the fucking best freaks. Not only are we different than anyone else, but we are intelligent. If you cannot handle rejection, I suggest you don't bother applying to this community. You pitiful people out there that have no self-esteem, go join some fucking appearance-based rating community, and don't waste ____bestfreaks time!


For Applying Members:

1. Fill out the ENTIRE application. Skipping questions will result in an automatic rejection. You can always hope that a nice member will point it out before I find it. I don't give warnings and I put up with nobody's shit. Not reading the rules is something that will not be tolerated by applying members. Remember, you're supposed to impress us, so read the damned rules.

2. Make your application neat. Make it pretty. Change the font, change the color, change the font size, bold things, put things in italics. The way an applicant edits the application, can be a big hint into their personality. Do with it what you please, but keep it NEAT. I'm not nice enough to give you computer illiterate fucks the HTML code for the application, so, if you don't know simple HTML I suggest you learn how. There are plenty of websites out there that will teach you how to use HTML.

3. Put your application under a LJ Cut. Failure to follow this particular rule, will result in your application being DELETED. I don't want you're ugly assed application killing my friends page. Once again, maybe a nice member will point it out to you before I find it. Can't do a LJ Cut? Check out Livejournal's Help areas.

4. Do not comment on any entry other than your own until you've been stamped. Do not reply to every single fucking comment on your application. It gets old really fast, and confusing for me, while trying to count votes.

5. OMG lyk d0 n0t typ lyk dis. I gauruntee you will be rejected. Typing like that shows members what an incredible moron you are and that reading your application is going to be a waste of time.

6. Post your application within three days of joining. If you're lucky, I'll warn you once before I ban you're ass. In either the subject line or the LJ Cut, put "Singing in the Rain!" to show you read the rules.

7. Your application will be stamped within three days of being posted. If it's not done in exactly three days, cool your jets, I do have a life off of the internet.

8. You must have joined the community in order to view the application.

9. The mod here is: wishofthenight. I suggest you aren't an ass to me.

10. Be intelligent, or don't waste your time AND my time.

For Accepted Members:

1. Be civil to the other members. Towards applying members, I couldn't care less, be as nasty as you want to them.

2. When voting, please use the +/- system. Don't know what that is? Ask me. Don't ever say "No, because I didn't like you." Give the person a reason. Tear into them. It's fun, believe me.

3. Post anything you want, excluding tasteless nude photos. If you feel the need to post nudity, it must be tasteful, and there absolutely must be a warning. There is the occasional younger person that may join. Post pictures, written works, random thoughts, whatever.

4. I hope to keep this community active, so please try to be active at least once a week. I know we all have lives, so once a week should be a reasonable request. If you are going to inactive for a length of time, please let me know in a post. If anyone has suggestions as to some kind of activity to keep this community active, please post once you've been accepted.

5. Promoting communities is only okay if they are you're own community. Only promote you're own community. I do not want this community spammed.

6. Put "Stamped" somewhere in the subject of each of your posts so that I don't continually have to check the accepted lists.

7. The mod here is: wishofthenight. I suggest you aren't an ass to me.

8. THIS IS IMPORTANT: All new members read this post. It has in depth rules to all the games and things to participate in.

9. Weekly I will be posting a discussion. It would be fan-fucking-tastic if you could participate now and again. The discussions will be random, sometimes something that catches my eye on the news or sometimes an oldie but goodie that everyone has an opinion on. This week the discussion is here.

10. Also weekly, I will be posting an 'Either Or'. This will help us to get to know the other members own oddities I hope. When responding to an either or, use a comment and put your choice in the subject. This week's 'Either Or' is here.

11. Every two weeks, I will be posting a scavenger hunt. The current scavenger hunt is here. Please participate!

Accepted/Rejected/Promo Banners:

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