Triple Moon


Please vote for ONE of these themes to be our artistic theme for October. On September 28th I will count the votes and post the three themes for October.

1) What is your cat doing right now? (dog/ferret/etc)

2) Look up at the sky. What do you see?

3) What images pop into your head when you listen to "Aqueous Transmission" by Incubus?

4) Show me your aurora.

5) When you think of your god/goddess/whoever, what do you imagine they look like?

6) What is you biggest fear?

7) Share your dreams!

8) "It's like the entire world is crammed into my two best friends heads, and when they open their mouths, the ocean falls out."

9) What would you look like as an animal? (ex: draw yourself as a cat with you facial features)

10) What would the world be like without Captain Hook?

11) What does Eutopia look like?
Triple Moon

Mod Post//

GO US!! We have hit our 15 Auto Accepts! Now everyone go out and promote so that we can get some voting going on in here. Oh, and dont forget the Discussion and Scavenger hunt and stuff. See the info page, it's been updated with links to all these things.