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under every scar, theres a battle I've lost

Single? Taken? Pictures if applicable;
It’s complicated
Opp North

Ten bands;

I’ll just take the first ones off my player as I like so many

1. NIN
2. Le Tigre
3. Cryptonic Love Revival
4. Marilyn Manson
5. Snuff Radio
6. Ministry
7. Coybito
8. Covenant
9. Suicide commando
10. Goteki

Five movies;
1. Withnail and I
2. The LOTR films
3. La Haine
4. Event Horizson
5. Apocalypse Now Redux

Five books;
1. War and Peace
2. Crime and Punishment
3. The Picture of Dorian Gray
4. Anything by Will Self
5. The Martyrdom of Man

+ Alan Rickman
+ My business
+ David Bowie
+ Booze
+ Fags
+ Make-up
+ Home made clothes
+ Dali
+ Sherlock Holmes
+ Boticelli

- People who go on and on and on about their sexuality until you want to slit your own throat from boredom.
- The way people slag off Marilyn Manson because they don’t like the fact that young fans claim to be ‘goth’ or whatever. They’re a fantastic and talented band who know how to put on a show, I’ve seen them live more than any other band and I’ve never gone away disappointed or seen a show where they gave less than 100% There’s a lot of humour in them too and I like that. And people who decided they couldn't like a band that had become so popular. It's something that's always got to me. So pathetic.
- People who don’t think.
- Shoddy parenting
- Blaming other people/bands/pictures and books for the results of shoddy parenting and/or own stupidity
- David and Victoria fucking Beckham
- People banging on and on about David and Victoria fucking Beckham
- Running out of money when half drunk
- Having a bad day and having no money to go drinking

Pro-choice. That does not mean that I think abortion is a good thing and that people should treat it lightly. Just overall I think it’s better to keep it legal and available. Just look at what happened when it wasn’t legal or the places where it isn’t. The answer lies in treating causes not effects and making sure less people end up in that situation in the first place.
Underage drinking/smoking;
To be honest I’ve not thought about it. I was drinking at age 8 and started smoking at 14. I don’t want kids but I wouldn’t I’d want them to get into that as early as I did.
Though undoubtedly a twat, he’s isn’t as dangerous as the ones pulling the strings. The ones who post war are quietly shuffling off to a life-time of little work, ludicrous amounts of pay and I’ll stop there before I get really annoyed.
War (in general);
Is disgusting. And so often happens for the most stupid reasons and afterwards it’s clear to everyone that the means did not justify the end.
I’m not a parent but I can’t imagine sending my kid to war.
I had that problem, ending in hospital a few times. Sorted it out now.
Very glad to have got past all that stuff.

Post atleast five pictures of yourself SHOWING YOUR FACE. & one 100 x 100 for the members page.
I’m just going to have to take a chance here as I can’t really take up that many slots on my freebie hosting account.
The first two are from a few weeks ago, the other is today taken with holding camera at face, so, with difficulty. I have a really bad hangover today also, so don’t be too cruel to me.

hmm, the 100x100 one went all blurry and crap when I uploaded it. Bugger.

Tell us a joke;
What’s grey and comes in pints?

An elephant.

Hahah yes. Very shit I know.
Draw something neat in paint & post it;

Any last words?

Just here to meet people, talk to people. Just thought it sounded like a place to meet some interesting folk and see what they get up to.
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