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Name; Seniuk
Age; 18
Sex; Dude
Single? Taken? Pictures if applicable; Sinlge
Locale; A place in canada

Ten bands;
1. Leftover Crack
2. Choking Victim
3. Misfits
4. Dead Kennedys
5. Black Flag
6. Clit 45
7. Hollywood Undead
8. Dramarama
9. Social Distortion
10. Suicidal Tendencies
Five movies;
1. Jurassic Park
2. Balto
3. Land Before Time
4. Idle Hands
5. Elephant
Five books;
1. Fat Kid Rules The World
2. White Fang
3. Calvin & Hobbes
4. Moshpit
5. None
+ Guitar
+ Alcohol
+ Drugs
+ Panhandling
+ My job at Wal-Mart
+ My friends and thier parties
+ Dying my hair
+ Piercing/tattooing. I do both
+ Singing
+ Raccoons. Aw, so cute!!
- Emo
- Scenesters
- Fall Out Boy, EW
- The Ramones, EW
- Cuntwhores
- Cellphones
- TV
- Flowers
- Yellow kinda bugs me

Abortion; I'd rather have a dead fetus rather than a miserable, disfunctional kid who has no sense of security because he knows his parents never wanted him
Underage drinking/smoking; I drink a lot. I do drugs too. It's just my lifestyle. I like it
Bush; He isn't my leader, thanks. He can suck my dick
War (in general); Ew. I'm in Canada and we rarely go to war. But like, I get really mad when I hear about the American cutting up funds to pay for the war. What about the poor old people? =(
Self-injury; I don't get how physical pain relieves other pain. But hey, that's just me. I drink to deal with my pain.

Post atleast five pictures of yourself SHOWING YOUR FACE. & one 100 x 100 for the members page.

Choose one and resize it please

Tell us a joke; Uh, I'm not good with jokes right now :(
Draw something neat in paint & post it;
Any last words?

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