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<b>Single? Taken? Pictures if applicable;</b>Taken.

By John
<b>Locale;</b>Chicago Area
<b>Ten bands;</b>
1.New Order
2.The Misfits
3.Big D and the Kids Table
4.The Cramps
5.No Doubt
6.Nouvelle Vague
7.Pretty Girls Make Graves
9.Nikki and the Corvettes
<b>Five movies;</b>
2.Party Monster
3.Spank the Monkey
4.Rocky Horror Picture Show
5.Josie and the Pussycats
<b>Five books;</b>
3.Speak (wow I've read a lot of one word titled books)
5.The Perks of being a Wallflower
+ My Guitar
+ Photo class cause theres a darkroom
+ Fall
+ Partys
+ Dancing and skanking
+ Sewing
+ Creating patterns with friends
+ Climbing things
+ Train rides
+ Meeting random people
- War
- My Fridge
- Stuck up assholes who think they know everything
- When people change into something there not
- When people blows there nose in my house then leaves the tissues everywhere ew
- Stereotypes
- My dog
- Hot weather
- Showers...but I still take them dont worry
- Going to a concert and everyones to pussy to dance. gr
<b>Abortion;</b> It's the womens choice no one has the right to tell you what to do with your child. You need to decide for yourself
<b>Underage drinking/smoking;</b>Umm go for it. Do what you want
<b>Bush;</b> Fuck bush
<b>War (in general);</b> I strongly dislike war
<b>Self-injury;</b> It's a bad habit to get into
<b>Post atleast five pictures of yourself SHOWING YOUR FACE. & one 100 x 100 for the members page.</b>

<b>Tell us a joke;</b>What do you put on a pig when its sunburnt? Oinkment. :-P
<b>Draw something neat in paint & post it;</b>
My paint doesn't work anymore :-(  its all fucked up skdfaskl. but ummm
here's this thing  my friend made me that
<b>Any last words?</b>I really like to eat green beans and drink green tea. So I suggest you crack open a can one day and give it a taste. Its quite delicious.

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