June 9th, 2008

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Thought I'd  try to perk this back up.

Name; Froggie
Age; I am ageless
Sex; Female
Single? Taken? Taken.
Locale; Queensland, Australia

Ten bands;
1. ThouShaltNot
2. The Cruxshadows
3. The Cure
4. Aural Vampire
5. Epica
6. Apocalyptica
7. Blutengel
8. Rasputina
9. Siouxsie and the Banshees
10. The Dresden Dolls.

Five movies;
1. Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
2. Interview with the Vampire
3. Sunshine [2007, Danny Boyle]
4. Subject Two [underground horror nobody's ever heard of. PLEASE comment if you have...]
5. Ultraviolet

Five books;
1. Interview with the Vampire
2. The Vampire Lestat
3. Peeps [Scott Westerfeld]
4. Gothic Hospital [Gary Crew]
5. The Lacemaker's Daughter [also G. Crew]


+ -Real- Gothic culture [not the suddenly emergent, 'I'm in it for the music and shock factor' type.]
+ Creativity
+ Almost anything even slightly anachronical draws me in.
+ Victorian era psychology
+ Grammar
+ True beauty
+ Seymour Guado.
+ The people I love
+ Lace
+ Bondage
+ Emilie Autumn


- The emergent Emo 'Culture'
- Escalators
- The glamourisation of mental illness and self harm.
- Abusive relationships
- Over-formulaic music.
- Cockroaches

Abortion; I believe a zygote is a living being. If life is possible, I believe it should be kept. If the mother doesn't want it, adoption is available.
Underage drinking/smoking; I'm not a big fan of either, but that's not going to stop  it. If the drinking's done responsibly, fine. Smoking... Is a bad habit, that's it.
Bush; Not into politics, and I live in Australia. Nothing to say here.
War (in general); All war is caused by money or religion. Neither should exist.
Self-injury; Tragic. Sad. Addictive. It happens. The first time, it's a silly mistake, you think it'll help, and then it actually does.. And then you get hooked..

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