as_ilaydying3 (as_ilaydying3) wrote in ____ace,

1. name/age/sex/location:
Dusty, 15, technically male, Kendall, Ny.
2. 10 favorite bands:
The Black Dahlia Murder
As i lay dying
Dead To Fall
Children Of Bodom
(Old) killswitch Engage
Remebering Never
Phish (too bad they arent together n e more )
Ben Folds And Ben Folds Five
Every local band possible that wants to do soemthing in music...
3. 5 favorite books:
The Giver
Harry Potter
4. 3 favorite movies:
Finding Neverland
High Fidelity
Waynes World
5. mini auto-biography:
I love music and i wil not judge a single song on this world maybe some gay alien but nobody will hear anytype of label from my mouth. I don't trust ppl cause of past happeneing.Music Has had the hugest inpact on my life and I seomtimes end up getting in verbal fights with ppl about music. I dont Believe in love, but I dont Believe In Hatred But i think there is more such thing as hatred than love. I know who I am and I knwo what I want in life. I seem and act alot older than I really am and I am one of the most mature ppl in my whoe school. I despise Drama thats another reason why i do not date way to much drama for me i am finalyl happy and i dont want some girl to mess it up for me. Oh, and I fucking love Coca-Cola.
6. significant other (picture?):
7. promote 2 times:
Carli's info page
8. 5+ clear pictures: Carli lost them, so I will get them up as soon as possible.
9. 100x100 pic: ...
10. what would you like to do before you die?:
I would like to go somewhere with my music and become know for drumming
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