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i'm new & ace

1. name/age/sex/location: lindsay/fifteen/female/madison new jersey
2. 10 favorite bands: dresden dolls, pretty girls make graves, death cab for cutie, tegan and sarah, bright eyes, jimmy eat world, straylight run, hot hot heat, the postal service, alexisonfire
3. 5 favorite books: "the bell jar" sylvia plath, "the plot against america" philip roth, "tuff" paul beatty, "about a boy" nick hornby, "catch-22" joseph heller
4. 3 favorite movies: camp, schindler's list, hedwig and the angry inch
5. mini auto-biography: i currently live in a small town in new jersey you never want to go to, but i grew up in germany. music is life, i sing and play piano, flute, and percussion. marching band is teh shit. i aspire to sell hotdogs.
6. significant other (picture?): negative
7. promote 2 times:
8. 5+ clear pictures:

9. 100x100 pic:

10. what would you like to do before you die?: hug ralph nader.

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