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I'm new & ace

1. name/age/sex/location:
? Brittany
x fourteen
? Female
x Kendall, New Yorker

2. 10 favorite bands:
? Big D and The Kids Table
x Dashboard Confessional
? The Used
x Smile Empty Soul
? Bad Religion
x The Clash
? The Killers
x UnWritten Law
? Streetlight Manifesto

3. 5 favorite books:
x The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
? Cut
x The Blue Girl
? Dead Girls Don't Write Letters
x Cirque Due Freak

4. 3 favorite movies:
? Girl, Interrupted
x Ginger Snaps 1,2,3
? Carrie

5. mini auto-biography:
I'm Brittany. I love my last name Cluts (say it like klutz). I live in the middle of no where, called Kendall. Near Carli Joe. I'm in love with a senior in my school <3 But sadly we're just friends. I love to Draw, and write poems. I enjoy cleaning. I just love taking pictures. I love my friends. Vanessa is my closest one <3 I listen to everything but Rap, and country, i can stand pop.. but not too fond of it.

6. significant other (picture?): Lets put a picture of Tom. :) My Sexy Senior!
Image hosted by

7. promote 2 times:

X // <3

8. 5+ clear pictures:
Image hosted by
In Black

Image hosted by
I just love this pictures

Image hosted by
Me being evil

Image hosted by
no comment

Image hosted by
I'm laughing at my sawa

Image hosted by
Me being a dumbass

Image hosted by
The Best For Last

9. 100x100 pic:


10. what would you like to do before you die?:
Go all around the world
Get Married
Be friends with the friends i'm with noww


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