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This community was created simply for people who have something they need to say. I created the community because I found that sometimes it was difficult to get what you want out of a community because so many are only based on a certain subject. So this is for anything. Ask questions about relationships, friends, family, diets, whatever you need help with and other members can answer the questions. But don't get me wrong, this community is also not only for problems. If you have a romantic, happy, or fun story to tell, we'd love to hear it.
Basically, the community SHOULD be called "say-whatever-you-want-or-vent-your-thoughts-because-we-listen-and-can-help-or-just-talk-to-you-about-whatever-it-is-you-posted-about." Unfortunately, the title was a *little* bit too long :) So I settled for "Your Voice" because basically that's what this is for, you to tell us whatever you need to get off your chest.
Another reason that I created this community is that I was looking for a way to possibly lose 2 pounds in 2 months (yeah.) and every community that I found seemed to only be about eating disorders and fasting, and I felt that perhaps others were having the same issue. So if you're also looking for some kind of diet or workout plan, there may be someone else belonging to the community who found some helpful article in a magazine.
So there are lots of things you can post about, virtually anything. Hell, if you really want to you can post about how you just got a new puppy and named it Fluffy.

There are very simple rules to this community: everyone has to respect what everyone else has to say. Be nice to other people and be sincere. Finally, don't hold back and ask/tell anything you feel!!!

:) :) :)