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I forgot about this community. Maybe we should do some advertising and get more members.
I don't have anything to really say at the moment, except this toast tastes really bad, hehe. I just wanted to make sure you were alive. :P So, what's new with you?
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Um, well I don't need any advice but I thought I'd drop in....

I'm so happy though! I finally broke free from my ex and couldn't be happier about it! Such freedom....
See, we were together for 9 months and then like after the 5th month I stopped liking him but then like I'd like him again and then not and I was afraid that if I broke up with him I'd be makign the mistake of a lifetime.
But now I feel like my mistake was staying with him! I'm never doing that again.

I've been talking to this boy on instant messager. Suddenly he says "you wanna go somewhere sometime?" and I wanted to say no but somehow my fingers managed to type a yes sort of answer. Then I was like "oh sh!t I don't want to go anywhere with him!" so I had an issue on my hands.
Then he had a friend over and I was chatting with the friend who was asking if we were going out like as a couple and I was saying "no" and stuff and then the boy came on and he asked where I wanted to go.
My stomach LURCHED and I was like "noooooOOOO!" so I said "brb", pretending not to be at the computer, when really I was freaking out and asking another friend who was online what to do.
I came up with my solution.
I said "uh, ___?"
He says "yeah"
I said "I'm kinda not ready to have another relationship.. I'd rather be solo for a while"
he said it was ok and that it didn't really matter and that he'd asked without even thinking about it ahead of time anyways.
I said to my other friend "oh. I'm good."

MORAL OF THE STORY: Tell people how you really feel, don't hesitate. Of course don't only tell them the truth, sometimes white lies are ok.

My friend Mike had a party and those who came were:
Mike: (of course) friend since 2nd or 3rd grade
Alexis: my best friend since 1st grade
Thomas: another best friend since this year sort of (algebra brought us togetha) :)
Jason: acquaintance since preschool
Peter: acquaintance since 1st grade
Marissa: friend since 5th grade
Jocelyn: friend since 2nd or 3rd grade
David: I never really knew him, he went to our school but then left and I never saw him until the party.

AND DAMN! He is the finest thing I've ever seen in a LOOOOOOONNG time!
The party was so fun. Yes, the hose did get out of hand, especially the head with it's powerful jet that ended up in my face (ow) (lol), as did the icecubes. (Peter started most of this insane behavior, chucking icecubes at us and hitting me right on the forehead---making me bleed) but this is beside the point.
Meeting David was so great. He was fun and cute and I like him a lot! Of course it was like the only time I'd seen him in forever. But I still liked him. Hey, I was confined in a 9 month relationship, give me a break.

Anyways, I am having a party this Saturday. This time it will be me, Alexis, Thomas, Mike, David, and Jason. I hope it's fun.

<3 <3 <3
Peter [family guy]

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Hi everybody! Welcome to my new community. Sorry, there isn't much to see on this page because I'm the only member so far! Once we get more people to join it will be a real community.

Feel free to check out my journal, too, although many entries are 'friends only.'


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