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next 30 auto accepted/rejected.

[1] 14 and older, people.
[2] you must post your app within 24 hours of joining or you will be banned.
[3] use an lj-cut for your app
[4] you aren't allowed to post anywhere but in your app until you get stamped, if you do you will get banned.
[5] follow the damn rules.
[6] don't reply back to every comment you get on your app, it's annoying and it could possibly get you rejected.
[7] put "I can scream louder" in the subject line, not your lj-cut, to prove you've read the rules.
[8] don't fight back. you won't win. you will get banned.
[9] don't be a douche and delete your app. you will be banned.
[10] answer all questions on the app. answer them honestly.
[11] use correct grammar and DoNt TyPe LyK dIs, whore.
[12] if you get rejected, you can apply again anytime ONCE more with new pictures.
[13] if you get rejected, don't bitch and complain.
[14] remember: this is a rating community. you took your chance and applied, we can be harsh. if you can't take it, don't apply

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