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Hi, I am Jon Weisberg, the bassist of From First To Last. Last month I was forced out of the band because I was told I was not "passionate" or "committed" enough to the band. That is completely untrue. I was more than 110% dedicated to the band and equally as excited about writing and recording the second album and that's why I was so hurt and upset when this happened. I tried to talk to the band and set up a meeting so we could at least resolve this and work towards making the best album that could be, but the band refused to talk to me. After being a member since June of 2003, I received only a phone call from their manager telling me I was no longer wanted in the band. I tried and tried to get any one of the band members to talk to me to discuss what they did. Finally one of them agreed he would call me. After a whole day of waiting for that promised phone call, he called roughly 12 hours late and spent the next 15 minutes telling me all the things he said I did wrong, trying to make it so he didn't feel guilty about what they had done. Of course all of the things they said were minor and were things others in the band also have done. In other words, they were things that are just part of life on the road. I could not believe how little they cared. I have worked so hard to see that this band succeeds over the past 2 and a half years. I have been on the best and worst tours with this band and just as almost everyone else, I have lived out of a crappy apartment in Gainesville, Florida, with not even a mattress in the room to sleep on, only a carpeted floor. I was there for the awful tours like one where one of the members broke both of his arms and we were left to continue on because we needed money so badly that we did not have enough to leave tour to go home because we would not have been able to afford enough gas. The tour where the van broke down in the middle of nowhere in an awful thunderstorm with punctured tires and a broken window. This is just part of paying my dues to help get the band in the position it is now in. I have been through it all, in the best and the worst, and now I am being left with nothing. After thinking about this for many weeks now and after careful consideration, I have decided I have to file a lawsuit against the band in order to recover all that I have earned. I tried getting around it in every way possible. I tried to negotiate a way for me, if not be in the band, then to at least take part in the writing and recording of this record which I had already started working on. I was willing to put this whole situation behind me to write the best record we could. I wanted us to leave as friends and have no hard feelings after this. When I thought we were making progress, they sent me a written agreement saying they wanted me to be on the record, and I spent 8 hours a day for several weeks working on writing bass lines for all of the songs. What I got was the cold shoulder and, after a written agreement for me to be on the record, a broken promise. A little over a week ago now, I finally had a meeting with the band. It went pretty well except for the fact that they still were leaving me with nothing and they wanted me to be ok with that. Even after they told me to write bass lines for the songs and after I put in hard work to make them great, they decided right before rehearsal was supposed to start that I could no longer be on the record. I truly wish that this did not happen. I want to apologize to the fans for this whole situation having to come to this. I tried every way to avoid having to do this. I still want to be with you and make music for you which is why I am starting a new band currently named "The TRAGIC." We have an e-mail address ( and feel free to e-mail me at this address to let me know what you think or if you have any questions about this situation. There is also a band myspace account that does not have much information on it yet, but the account is there ( I have worked extremely hard for the past 2 and a half years and I have sacrificed a lot, including dropping out of college, to help get the band to the level where it is now. I hope you can understand why I have to do this.


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