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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


Yay, a new batch! I wanted to make another one this weekend, since it's one of those one-in-a-while long weekends. <33 Therefore here are some icons. Notice that I'm becoming more and more obsessed with Japanese music. ^^

9x Digimon
16x Dir en Grey
3x DN Angel
1x Doremidan
1x Full Metal Alchemist
1x Full Moon Wa Sagashite
4x Gackt
1x General Hospital (Soap Opera)
2x Gravitation
2x Linkin Park (Mr Hahn and Chester)
1x Mana
1x Mermaid Melody Pitchy Pitchy Pitch
3x Naruto
6x Random
1x Sailor Moon
1x Sarah Jessica Parker
10x Teen Titans
1x Willard

Lyrics from Interpol's Not Even Jail
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karl&amp;creativity... (( UW ))


The lastest batch! Yes! I've been improving a lot lately in terms of icon making, so I hope you all like them!

2x Amano Yoshitaka
2x ASOUE (A Series of Unfourtunate Events)
1x Ayumi Hamasaki
1x Card Captor Sakura
2x Death Note
1x Digimon
3x Evanescence
7x Final Fantasy Advent Children (Trailers)
2x FLCL/Furi Kuri/Fooly Cooly
1x Full Metal Alchemist
3x Gackt
2x Good Charlotte
1x Interpol
3x Kamichama Karin
1x Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" Music Vid (Note that this icon DOES NOT have Kelly in it)
2x Kingdom Hearts
1x Linkin Park
3x Lost
1x Mai HiME/My HiME
6x Napoleon Dynamite
4x Naruto
1x One Piece
1x PHEMK (©2002-2005 of me)
2x Pita Ten
4x Pretty Cure
1x Random
5x Random Japanese art
7x Sailor Moon (including 1x not anime)
12x Teen Titans
1x X/1999
1x Zoolander

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karl&amp;creativity... (( UW ))


Yup, more icons. The last batch for tonight. This time: there are some made with MS Paint and openCanvas and some made with Paint Shop Pro 8. They're pretty obvious. ^^; Mixing two batches of icons together again. Hope you like 'em! ♥

1x Azumanga Daioh
1x George Bush illustration (from a tshirt from an online store XD)
3x Card Captor Sakura
2x Coldplay
1x Domokun (XD)
7x Humor::Japanese (from shirts and stuff from an online store. Can't remember the URL...)
6x Jhonen C. Vasquez works (IZ and JHTM)
1x OH! Mikey (found a screenshot of it from that online store.)
4x Parodies of Hello Kitty (Products I found on...that site called JList.com...that's the store.)
1x Madonna
1x Mint no Bokura
2x Mischa Barton
2x Paul Van Dyk
1x Sailor Moon (testing Animation Shop 3...^^;)

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