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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


A new icon post! Finally! And it's the big double-digit! Anyways, two icons aren't in this post because they are entered in icon contests. I'm so happy that I have another post of icons today. I've been experimenting *especially with one Tsubasa icon* with icons.

WARNING: Some shounen-ai or yaoi icons included!

3x Avatar: The Last Airbender
2x Beck
1x Daniel Radcliffe
9x Dir en Grey
1x DN Angel
2x Dominic Monaghan
11x Full Metal Alchemist
5x Random Japanese ...model people? XD (Gothic lolita, etc.)
1x Gravitation
2x Grey's Anatomy
1x Invader Zim
1x The Matrix (Revolutions)
1x Metromone
1x Miyavi
2x Naruto
1x Paul Van Dyk
1x PHEMK (© of invader_bs)
1x Pierrot
2x Pita Ten
3x PPG:Z!
1x Futari Wa Precure
3x Sarah McLachlan
1x Shaman King
8x Teen Titans
2x The Incredibles
1x The Prodigy
1x Trigun
16x Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (I can finally spell it correctly!)
1x Underworld (Karl Hyde)
5x Vidoll

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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


Yup, more icons. The last batch for tonight. This time: there are some made with MS Paint and openCanvas and some made with Paint Shop Pro 8. They're pretty obvious. ^^; Mixing two batches of icons together again. Hope you like 'em! ♥

1x Azumanga Daioh
1x George Bush illustration (from a tshirt from an online store XD)
3x Card Captor Sakura
2x Coldplay
1x Domokun (XD)
7x Humor::Japanese (from shirts and stuff from an online store. Can't remember the URL...)
6x Jhonen C. Vasquez works (IZ and JHTM)
1x OH! Mikey (found a screenshot of it from that online store.)
4x Parodies of Hello Kitty (Products I found on...that site called JList.com...that's the store.)
1x Madonna
1x Mint no Bokura
2x Mischa Barton
2x Paul Van Dyk
1x Sailor Moon (testing Animation Shop 3...^^;)

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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


I'll be putting three batches of icons together. Since one of them is very small and yeah, I need a lot of icons in batches right? The more icons, the merrier! ^__^ Oh yeah also, I still used MSPaint and openCanvas to make these. Hahahar...

1x Request (from my friend _reddles_)
3x from boyis.com and cutecg.com
2x Andy Hunter
(made the song "Go" on the SSX3 Soundtrack :D)
1x Lord of the Rings (FRODO! &heart;)
2x from my comic, TWJOBS (The Wunderful Journeys Of Buttercup Samurai. The 'BS' is teh 'BS' in my username. *wiggles fingers* Oooh!)
1x Happy Bunny
1x Ayumi Hamasaki
3x PvD ft. Vega 4 - Time of Our Lives music video
2x Underworld - Two Months Off music video

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