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karl&creativity... (( UW ))

70; miscellaneous

Mostly anime, but there is some various Underworld-related icons that are all definitely not anime. Oh yes and textless icons are NOT bases. If you want to add in your own text in an icon, please ask me first! As usual, credit me as invader_bs or _____vegaicons when you use any of these icons!

full moon wo sagashite
--x01; meroko
--x03; mitsuki
glass hearts (© of me!!)
--x01; tanjiro
--x01; masahiro
--x01; masaiiro (masahiro/haiiro)
--x03; makoto kawahoshi
--x01; shuichi shindou
ouran high school host club
--x02; tamaki suoh
--x01; kyoya
project 217! (© of me!!)
--x01; shizuka omori
--x02; captain of l.o.
--x01; natsuko & l.o. captain
--x01; natsuko hanagawa
--x01; yukio okazai
demishitaa! powerpuff girls z
--x02; group
--x05; momoko/blossom
--x02; kaoru/buttercup
teen titans
--x02; terra
--x01; beast boy
--x02; raven
--x01; bumblebee
--x01; robin
tokyo mew mew
--x02; retasu
--x01; purin
tsubasa reservoir chronicle
--x02; syaoran & sakura
--x03; sakura
--x01; fye
--x01; syaoran
--x01; esmeralde (sp?)
underworld (band)
--x09; karl hyde
--x01; group (mk2)
--x07; everything everything (live dvd)
--x03; rez/dark train pv
xxx holic
--x03; yuuko


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karl&creativity... (( UW ))

70; ouran high school host club

All from the manga of Ouran High School Host Club by Hatori Bisco (I think?). :] I love both the anime and manga. Plus all of the textures I used in these icons were made by me. I might release them someday. *shrugs* As usual, credit me as invader_bs or _____vegaicons when you use your icons!

ouran high school host club
--x13; haruhi
--x08; honey (or hunny)
--x03; kyoya
--x02; hitachin twins
--x03; mori
--x16; tamaki
--x02; group
--x01; nekozawa
--x05; tamaki/haruhi
--x02; hikaru
--x01; mori & honey
--x12; renge
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