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iconfiend100 challenge! - Ojamajo Doremi (All Series/General)

Oh yes, I just HAD to do another challenge over at iconfiend100. I'm totally hooked to Ojamajo Doremi right now, and so since I wanted to do another challenge sometime, I decided to do it on Ojamajo Doremi (+ the fact that I didn't see anyone claim any challenges Ojamajo-related D:). If you don't know about the iconfiend100 challenges, the goal is to make 100 icons of a certain character/pairing. 50 of them are the given themes, 50 are the artist's choice.

I'm going have all of my icons for this challenge in this entry. Do not steal any of these icons. If you want to use any of them, credit me (invader_bs or _____vegaicons).

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karl&creativity... (( UW ))

20; anime/manga-ness

Some of them are from past icontests that I entered. Only 2 of them won some sort of placement. ^^;; And most of the Bleach ones are Hanatarou, just because he needs more lovin'. ;3 Anyways, credit me as invader_bs or _____vegaicons when you use your icons!

battle athletes (tv)
--x1; akari kanzaki
--x6; hanatarou yamada
--x2; rukia kuchiki
--x1; keigo
--x1; hitsugaya
dn angel
--x1; daisuke & satoshi
ojamajo doremi
--x3; doremi harukaze
--x1; aiko senoo
shinshi doumei cross
--x1; haiine otomiya
teen titans
--x1; raven
tokyo mew mew
--x1; ichigo momomiya
--x1; kamui

//WARNINGS; 3 Bleach icons are spoilers for chapter 202 (I think that's the chapter #).

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karl&creativity... (( UW ))

//55; random icons

55; random icons

Hah. More icons. :D Credit me as invader_bs or _____vegaicons when you use your icons!

card captor sakura
--x1; shaoran
danny phantom
--x4; danny phantom
harry potter & the goblet of fire
--x1; harry potter
--x2; hermonie & viktor
my chemical romance
--x3; gerard way
--x1; "helena" music vid.
ojamajo doremi
--x3; doremi
--x1; momoko
--x1; hazuki
--x1; aiko
--x1; group
my artwork
-x12; project e.m.k!
--x3; kiaino haato
--x5; kashikoi koei / kash
--x2; kaosu/kiaino related
--x2; kouji/kiaino related
-x4; untitled (no title of this project yet..)
--x4; makoto kawahoshi
teen titans
--x1; raven
--x3; terra
--x2; titans east
the killers
--5x; "mr. brightside" music vid.
the used
--2x; bert mccracken
--1x; group
tokyo mew mew
--1x; minto aizawa
--1x; berri and i can't remember that guy's name correctly.
underworld (http://www.dirty.org/underworld/)
--2x; mk 3
--1x; mk 2
--1x; mk 1


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