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64; anime/manga → naruto + naruto shippuden

After I made enough Shippuden icons, the stuff in the Uzumaki artbook was so tempting to icon...! I'm considering on making a layout with one of those pictures as well.
Anyways finally I get myself to use textures. It was fun~ and hopefully I'll use them more someday.
And I also experimented with text. And the end results excite me. Especially the ones with Naruto in them. (the manga ones anyway)
Credit me as invader_bs or _____vegaicons when using, thanks! :D

part uno
naruto (1-31)
23; naruto uzumaki (1-2,9-29)
02; sasuke uchiha (7,30)
06; other/miscellaneous (3-6,8,31)


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part dos
naruto shippuden (1-33)
13; naruto uzumaki (1-3,4,6-9,12-13,31-33)
07; sakura haruno (5,10-11,15-17,29)
06; other/miscellaneous (14,18-28,30)


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karl&creativity... (( UW ))

65; icon dump.

Woah, the first update of 2007! Forgive me for neglecting thiss. I've been drawing 3 webcomics and it pretty much consumes a lot of my life along with school and such. ^^;
So here's a huge icon dump for y'all! :D As usual, credit me as invader_bs or _____vegaicons when you use any of these icons!

bottle fairy (1)
--x01; hororo
.hack//SIGN (2 - 33)
--x11; subaru
--x01; bt
--x02; mistral
--x02; crim
--x02; black rose
--x01; balmung
--x02; orca
--x06; kite
--x02; elk
--x01; mia
--x02; aura
kamikaze kaitou jeanne (34)
--x01; kaitou jeanne d'arc
manabi straight (35 - 41)
--x03 ; manabi
--x02 ; other
naruto (42)
--x01; sasuke
demishitaa! powerpuff girls z (43 - 59)
--x06; bubbles / miyako
--x02; buttercup / kaoru
--x02; princess / himeko
--x04; mojo jojo
--x02; other villains
--x01; blossom / momoko
--x01; group
sumomo momomo (60 - 61)
--x02; momoko
teen titans (62)
--x01; starfire
tokyo mew mew (63 - 64)
--x01; ichigo momomiya
--x02; mew lettuce
time stranger kyoko (65)
--x01; kyoko


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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


Finally another batch! Some icons will not be posted because they're entered in contests. But from now on I am going to have icon entires of 1 specific subject (like only Teen Titans or only Death Note).
Oh yeah, make some suggestions of somethings I could make icons of. (Like an anime/manga series, movie, etc.)

1x Angel Sanctuary
1x Card Captor Sakura
1x Cowboy Bebop
1x Death Note
4x Dir en Grey
2x DNAngel
1x Explodingdog.com
5x Gravitation
6x Harry Potter-related
--(3)Harry Potter
--(1)Ron Weasley
--(1)Draco Malfoy
--(1)Harry, Ron & Hermonie (cannot spell >__>)
1x House
--(1)Opening Artwork
1x Invader Zim
1x Kill Bill V.1
--(1)Go Go Yubari
3x Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
--(1)Kaitou Jeanne
--(1)Kaitou Jeanne & Maron Kusukabe
--(1)Access Time
3x Naruto
--(1)Naruto & Sasuke
2x Neon Genesis Evangelion
5x Pita Ten
1x Placebo
--(1) Don't know his name. From the "Pure Morning" music video
1x Sarah McLachlan
--(1)Fallen (Music Video)
10x Teen Titans
--(2)All Titans

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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


A new icon post! Finally! And it's the big double-digit! Anyways, two icons aren't in this post because they are entered in icon contests. I'm so happy that I have another post of icons today. I've been experimenting *especially with one Tsubasa icon* with icons.

WARNING: Some shounen-ai or yaoi icons included!

3x Avatar: The Last Airbender
2x Beck
1x Daniel Radcliffe
9x Dir en Grey
1x DN Angel
2x Dominic Monaghan
11x Full Metal Alchemist
5x Random Japanese ...model people? XD (Gothic lolita, etc.)
1x Gravitation
2x Grey's Anatomy
1x Invader Zim
1x The Matrix (Revolutions)
1x Metromone
1x Miyavi
2x Naruto
1x Paul Van Dyk
1x PHEMK (© of invader_bs)
1x Pierrot
2x Pita Ten
3x PPG:Z!
1x Futari Wa Precure
3x Sarah McLachlan
1x Shaman King
8x Teen Titans
2x The Incredibles
1x The Prodigy
1x Trigun
16x Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (I can finally spell it correctly!)
1x Underworld (Karl Hyde)
5x Vidoll

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


Yay, a new batch! I wanted to make another one this weekend, since it's one of those one-in-a-while long weekends. <33 Therefore here are some icons. Notice that I'm becoming more and more obsessed with Japanese music. ^^

9x Digimon
16x Dir en Grey
3x DN Angel
1x Doremidan
1x Full Metal Alchemist
1x Full Moon Wa Sagashite
4x Gackt
1x General Hospital (Soap Opera)
2x Gravitation
2x Linkin Park (Mr Hahn and Chester)
1x Mana
1x Mermaid Melody Pitchy Pitchy Pitch
3x Naruto
6x Random
1x Sailor Moon
1x Sarah Jessica Parker
10x Teen Titans
1x Willard

Lyrics from Interpol's Not Even Jail
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karl&amp;creativity... (( UW ))


Yosh! These are the icons that are more...NEW. XD Well, some are weeks old but OH WELL. I made them all in Paint Shop Pro 8. By looking at icon tutorials, I learned a few tricks of my own. :3

x2 Amy Lee
x1 Angelic Layer
x1 Aquarian Age
x1 Series of Unfortuneate Events Trailer (credit: here)
x1 Brittany Murphy
x1 Clover
x1 DN Angel (I might use this icon...)
x2 Gravitation
x5 Harry Potter: PoA (Even though I still need to watch it...>__<)
x14 Naruto (I just watched Episode 104 :3)
x2 Neon Genesis Evangelion
x1 Nicole Kidman
x2 Randomness inspired by songs ("A Different Journey To Vega" PVD and "Breathe" Telepopmusik)
x6 Pita Ten (Made with my own screenshots of Episode 1)
x1 Underworld (Karl Hyde XD)

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