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65; icon dump.

Woah, the first update of 2007! Forgive me for neglecting thiss. I've been drawing 3 webcomics and it pretty much consumes a lot of my life along with school and such. ^^;
So here's a huge icon dump for y'all! :D As usual, credit me as invader_bs or _____vegaicons when you use any of these icons!

bottle fairy (1)
--x01; hororo
.hack//SIGN (2 - 33)
--x11; subaru
--x01; bt
--x02; mistral
--x02; crim
--x02; black rose
--x01; balmung
--x02; orca
--x06; kite
--x02; elk
--x01; mia
--x02; aura
kamikaze kaitou jeanne (34)
--x01; kaitou jeanne d'arc
manabi straight (35 - 41)
--x03 ; manabi
--x02 ; other
naruto (42)
--x01; sasuke
demishitaa! powerpuff girls z (43 - 59)
--x06; bubbles / miyako
--x02; buttercup / kaoru
--x02; princess / himeko
--x04; mojo jojo
--x02; other villains
--x01; blossom / momoko
--x01; group
sumomo momomo (60 - 61)
--x02; momoko
teen titans (62)
--x01; starfire
tokyo mew mew (63 - 64)
--x01; ichigo momomiya
--x02; mew lettuce
time stranger kyoko (65)
--x01; kyoko


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