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91; anime → mahou no mako-chan → episode one

So I just discovered this old anime through a recent subbing done. :) I felt curious, looked it up at anidb, got interested, downloaded it, watched it, and screencapped it. I liked it~ I'm digging the oldness of it...if that makes sense. I want to see more episodes of this if the group subs more episodes. 'u'
Again I was experimenting with layers and text.
Hopefully the next batch of icons will be of Electroma and Daft Punk. I just need to screencap the movie.
Credit me as invader_bs or _____vegaicons when using any icons, thanks! :D
Also any blank icons are NOT bases. Ask me if you wanna add anything or have me add anything to them.

mahou no mako-chan (1-91)


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