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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


Time to release more icons. :3 I had some icons that I just hated how they came out so I am only releasing the ones that are more prettier ^^ I'm going to show previews from now on! :D Hope you like this latest batch!

x2 Cowboy Bebop
x3 Escaflowne (All lyrics from Paul Van Dyk's and Vega 4's "Time of Our Lives")
x3 Full Metal Alchemist (You can use these, yes.)
x1 Harry Potter (PoA. Yay, the movie released...now for me to watch it some time...)
x2 Little Mermaid
x1 LOTR: Return of the King
x1 Pirates of the Caribbean
x2 Magic Knights Rayearth (OVA I think)
x1 Ringu (Japanese version)

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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


I'll be putting three batches of icons together. Since one of them is very small and yeah, I need a lot of icons in batches right? The more icons, the merrier! ^__^ Oh yeah also, I still used MSPaint and openCanvas to make these. Hahahar...

1x Request (from my friend _reddles_)
3x from boyis.com and cutecg.com
2x Andy Hunter
(made the song "Go" on the SSX3 Soundtrack :D)
1x Lord of the Rings (FRODO! &heart;)
2x from my comic, TWJOBS (The Wunderful Journeys Of Buttercup Samurai. The 'BS' is teh 'BS' in my username. *wiggles fingers* Oooh!)
1x Happy Bunny
1x Ayumi Hamasaki
3x PvD ft. Vega 4 - Time of Our Lives music video
2x Underworld - Two Months Off music video

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