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Hello, welcome to my icon journal! My icons are mostly anime, manga, movie, and music icons. I don't do animated icons that much, but I still do a few of them. If you are taking icons, be sure to credit me! [ invader_bs ] You must be wondering: Why is your icon journal named '_____vegaICONS'?. The 'Vega' part is inspired by two songs, a band, and a star. The two songs are "Vega" and "A Different Journey To Vega", both by the trance DJ, Paul Van Dyk. The band is Vega 4 and I listened to their collaboration with Paul Van Dyk in the song "Time of Our Lives. And there is a real star in space called Vega. I learned of it from Vega 4's official website. So the title is dedicated to those things. Music and astrological things, yes.

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