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05; icontest entry dump

Yeah I haven't posted these over here yet. These are pretty old. I haven't entered any icontests in ages. Not sure when I'll start up again. *shrugs* This post does not include any Sugar Sugar Rune icons. That will be the next post. (When I'm not so busy) As usual, credit me as invader_bs or _____vegaicons when you use your icons!

teen titans
--x1; raven
--x1; trigon
tokyo mew mew
--x1; minto
--x1; retasu
--x1; zakuro


01. 02. 03.
04. 05.

Lyrics: none.

icontest-related: {01} third place titan_icontest // {03} first place tmm_awards // {05} third place & best screenshot/image(s) tmm_awards

Everything else in the resource post.