October 21st, 2004

karl&creativity... (( UW ))


The first entry I should say ^__^ I'm going to start with old icons that I need to show off before my more later icons. I made these on openCanvas and Deleter CG Illust. That was when I didn't have Paint Shop Pro 8. :/ At that time, I wished for something like Photoshop (I still want Photoshop now...^^;).

2x Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar

1x Ayumi Hamasaki

1x Cameron Diaz

1x Pita Ten

1x Time Stranger Kyoko

4x Aquarian Age (Used pictures from the official site itself.)

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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


I'll be putting three batches of icons together. Since one of them is very small and yeah, I need a lot of icons in batches right? The more icons, the merrier! ^__^ Oh yeah also, I still used MSPaint and openCanvas to make these. Hahahar...

1x Request (from my friend _reddles_)
3x from boyis.com and cutecg.com
2x Andy Hunter
(made the song "Go" on the SSX3 Soundtrack :D)
1x Lord of the Rings (FRODO! &heart;)
2x from my comic, TWJOBS (The Wunderful Journeys Of Buttercup Samurai. The 'BS' is teh 'BS' in my username. *wiggles fingers* Oooh!)
1x Happy Bunny
1x Ayumi Hamasaki
3x PvD ft. Vega 4 - Time of Our Lives music video
2x Underworld - Two Months Off music video

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karl&creativity... (( UW ))


Yup, more icons. The last batch for tonight. This time: there are some made with MS Paint and openCanvas and some made with Paint Shop Pro 8. They're pretty obvious. ^^; Mixing two batches of icons together again. Hope you like 'em! ♥

1x Azumanga Daioh
1x George Bush illustration (from a tshirt from an online store XD)
3x Card Captor Sakura
2x Coldplay
1x Domokun (XD)
7x Humor::Japanese (from shirts and stuff from an online store. Can't remember the URL...)
6x Jhonen C. Vasquez works (IZ and JHTM)
1x OH! Mikey (found a screenshot of it from that online store.)
4x Parodies of Hello Kitty (Products I found on...that site called JList.com...that's the store.)
1x Madonna
1x Mint no Bokura
2x Mischa Barton
2x Paul Van Dyk
1x Sailor Moon (testing Animation Shop 3...^^;)

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