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Long time, no update. XD Until NOW. I made a LOT of icons ever since the last entry so it's time to post em. ^^

x1 Ashlee Simpson
x1 Avril Lavigne
x1 Ayumi Hamasaki
x6 Source : Boyis.com
x5 Card Captor Sakura
x10 DN Angel
x4 Full Metal Alchemist
x2 Full Moon wo Sagashite
x10 Green Day
x1 I Love The 90s
x1 Random : Interpol "PDA" lyrics
x2 Miwa Ueda (Art)
x3 Napoleon Dynamite
x5 One Piece
x1 Peter Pan
x2 PHEMK (©2002-2005 of me)
x12 Pretty Cure
x2 Underworld related
x1 Yu Gi Oh!

Ashlee Simpson

Avril Lavigne

Ayumi Hamasaki

Source : Boyis.com

Card Captor Sakura

DN Angel

Full Metal Alchemist

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

Green Day
Don't like this icon too much ^^;

I Love The 90s

Random : Interpol "PDA" Lyrics

Miwa Ueda

Napoleon Dynamite

One Piece

Peter Pan

PHEMK (©2002-2005 of me (invader_bs))

Pretty Cure/Precure/Futari wa Pretty Cure

Underworld related

Yu Gi Oh!/Yuugiou
Credit: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/6774/home.html
Tags: ccs, fma, fmws, green day, misc., one piece, p217!, precure, yu gi oh

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