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Yosh! These are the icons that are more...NEW. XD Well, some are weeks old but OH WELL. I made them all in Paint Shop Pro 8. By looking at icon tutorials, I learned a few tricks of my own. :3

x2 Amy Lee
x1 Angelic Layer
x1 Aquarian Age
x1 Series of Unfortuneate Events Trailer (credit: here)
x1 Brittany Murphy
x1 Clover
x1 DN Angel (I might use this icon...)
x2 Gravitation
x5 Harry Potter: PoA (Even though I still need to watch it...>__<)
x14 Naruto (I just watched Episode 104 :3)
x2 Neon Genesis Evangelion
x1 Nicole Kidman
x2 Randomness inspired by songs ("A Different Journey To Vega" PVD and "Breathe" Telepopmusik)
x6 Pita Ten (Made with my own screenshots of Episode 1)
x1 Underworld (Karl Hyde XD)

Amy Lee

Angelic Layer

Aquarian Age

Series of Unfortunate Events Trailer

Brittany Murphy




Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Lyrics from: Underworld - Stagger Lyrics from: Underworld - Dinosaur Adventure 3D


Pita Ten

Underworld (The Underworld with Karl Hyde and Rick Smith! Not the vampire flick! >__<)

Tags: clamp, gravitation, harry potter, lemony snicket, misc., naruto, pita ten, underworld (band)

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