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ok. hi. this is danielle. thanx for promoting me nessa. well, i agree with nessa. this community is pretty dead. well this week has been mostly soccer and babysitting for me. i am hating school. it sucks. and my parents are treating me like crap. in my dad's opinion i definitely need to improve in soccer and lately i have been slacking off and need to step up and really help the team. it sucks but whatever. he is a coach. then my mom is all godly and churchly and anything i do not godly i get reprimanded for. it really bugs me. everything out of her mouth has to do with living for christ and what not. i am not even allowed to go to school dances because they are sooo ungodly and they promote sexual activities. whatever. i have kind of given up on the dances and school sponsored activities. my mother wants me to go to private school but my dad doesn't agree because there are no sports. that's all he thinks about. that's what's been bugging me. and that i need to do something. i have a question. is it normal that if you get stressed out you eat.... a lot. because that's what i do, and i really need to stop. i don't know how though. adn when i get stressed out it's all crap food, like chips , and cookies and whatnot. i am quite mad at myself.

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