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Why did I even do it to myself?

I went and looked at my ex's BP page and it like got to me even though it's old as dirt... We haven't had a decent convo in weeks and I'm really starting to miss him and want to see him b4 he leaves for college. Fuck his gf (even though I kno her and she's never done anything wrong to me)...

*sigh* This is definitely cruel irony... Look how the tables have turned.

Well, atleast it explains why I'm such an ice bitch and why I can't find any deep emotional feelings for the three (not one, fucking three!!!) guys I'm talking to...

Or mayb I just miss cuddling with someone... just being close to a guy and not feel any obligations to do more... The one of two things I look forward to with the coming of the schoolyear: an endless supply of guys to bun up wit... The other is the end of the schoolyear expensive senior crap...
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