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The Reject Rants... Oh Boy.

Sometimes I really find it depressing to update on LJ anymore.

I used to have so many friends and now all of them have gone by the wayside thanx to the shenanigans of one choice friend (I am very unhappy to say) I got with.

It sux... my friends page has some new and wonderful faces... but still I feel empty.

I'm just tired of the drama. I keep getting e-mails and shit of people threatening or doing crap. I just want them to leave me alone. I'm not your drama confidant anymore k?

Sometimes I do miss them... sometimes I remember what it was like. the group of us, hanging out... just being friends. I miss all there silly posts... I miss them. But we made a solemn oath... not to get involved in each others lives. To just live separate and walk away.

Part of the reason why I moved back home. I couldn't take it anymore.

It's just my friends page seems empty without all of them... ya know?

I am very thank-ful for the people who have added me! Thanx for bringing some spice into this old, worn journal!

I am also looking for new people's to add! I would like to start off with a new beginning and leave behind the life I once new for something better and more reminicent of the old me.

So add me if ya want! I'll try to make me journal more interesting!!!

Hugs to u all!
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