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Name: Jen
Call me: Jennibean
Music: My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Green Day, Funeral For A Friend, From First to Last, Pencey Prep, Queens Of The Stone Age, Fallout Boy, Hole, Panic! At The Disco
Hobbies n Stuff: I play guitar and bass n I like drawing and writing songs
Add me if you like. I'm new to livejournal... I dont get all the fancypants stuff :)
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    right now? Dashboard Confessional


[.name.] Lauren scott
[.location.] london
[.age.] 15
[.favourite bands .] fall out boy , aiden , with broken wings ,alexisonfire, Unwritten Law , still remains , MC lars , Funeral for a friend , the juliana theory...
xxxXXxxx<3 love to yall <3 xxxXXxxx
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    lovehatehero - second chance