what the eff? am i doing this right? does this community exist anymore..

Name: Patricia Rose
Age: 18
Location: Lynbrook, NY. Long Island. Yes.
A picture if you have one, but I won't call you ugly.:

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i don't know if that worked. and my hair is red. you can't really tell cause the colors are muted.
Your top 10 favorite bands: Bright Eyes, Saves the Day, Frou Frou, Death Cab For Cutie, The Faint, Bloc Party, Tilly and the Wall, The Sounds, Say Anything, The Honorary Title.
Your least 10 favorite bands: Any band with lyrics that sound like 4th grade poetry, or bands that whine entirely too much.
Your favorite book: The Perks of Being A Wallflower
Your favorite movie: I love movies. All of them. No really, What's Eating Gilbert Grape. or Phantom Of The Opera (shhh).
Things you loathe: People who are just grumpy in general. Because I'm never really grumpy. Unless you give me a reason to be.
Why you think you're a dork: I'm called one everyday. It was 5 times a day when I was in high school. And it was so bad, that my screen name actually became grrrrdork. But I like being a dork.
How you feel about:
President: Well...I don't. Because no matter who the president is, a large majority is going to say this guy sucks. And war was bound to happen eventually... he's just a little... stupid.
Religion: religion is cool. the class sucked.. but i see no problem with having a religion.
sXe people: in high school, my 'hardcore' friends sang sxe songs to me. because i was. but i didn't claim to be sxe. i just didnt do drugs. and i still don't tell people i'm straightedge, because i'm not so sure its necessary to brag about being drug free. yes it's positive, but its almost as obnoxious as people who walk around saying they're high all the time. i don't know. i have mixed feelings.
Vegetarians: why not? id be one if i didnt eat chicken.
Dashboard Confessional: i used to listen to them a lot.
Anything else you'd like to say to make me further believe you are a dork: i have hanson on my ipod for the random, hey lets listen to mmmbop. oh and i'm obsessed with elvis.

AMORY (ex - senses fail)

Amory recently recorded a 5 song EP, “Where are you going, Where have you been?” with friend and producer John Naclerio at Nada Recording Studios.(Midtown, Steel Train, Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance, Brand New...)

On March 1st, the boys will be playing with Something Corporate sideproject "Firescape" at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ! Email amoryband@hotmail.com for tickets!

Listen to Amory on Purevolume!

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Ok I made some promo banners though I am too lazy to put the link behind them. Oh and to everyone who applied when the community was first made put that in the subject line and I'll accept your ap. For the codes for these just take out all the stars (*)

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Ok well everyone this community seems to be somewhere nearing the verge of dying. But I'm not leaving and neither should you. I want to thank everyone on behalf of myself and izzy to eveyone who has applied and joined. I'm gonna work on making a banner so you guys can promote (if you haven't already.) Oh and to everyone who first tried to join when the community was just made you'll have to reapply (sorry.)
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