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. . . cant pretend that your nothing special

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WELCOME TO TOPFIVE! In this community pretty much anything goes. You are here to post about bands you LIKE and shows you ENJOY going to. You will fill out an application before being a complete part of this community and whether you are accepted by other members or not. Go ahead and join; but don't forget to read the rules, fill out the application, and remember that we are all civilized people here. You will see by the application the reason this community is called _____topfive.

First of all, this is a community for posting bands, shows, pictures, opinions, etc. NOT for advertisements. If you are caught advertising in this community you will be warned once and be kicked out immediately if posted again.

You must also make your first post including the designated application just below the rules. Make it under an lj- cut please. If you do not know the code ask someone, but not through a post.

Comments on other peoples entries should not be made until you yourself are accepted into the community.


name the top five vocalists in your opinion and give reasons why:

list the top five bands in your opinion and reasons why (spectacular riffs, lyrics, etc):

list the top five shows you have ever been to and why:

Now a little about yourself:
Your location:
Are you with/against war:
Do you support gay marriage:
What are your views of America and its government:
In what genre of music would you classify yourself:
How old were you during your first show:
Who was playing:

Please post at least one picture of yourself. Pictures DO help your applications eccentricity. Ugly or not.