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Jimmy Bean

name the top five vocalists in your opinion and give reasons why:

Morrissey - the instantly recognisable voice that cuts through mixes and hearts
Steve Bays - just beautiful, and so dynamic
Jarvis Cocker - super-sexy and lots of charisma
Amanda Palmer - very powerful
Frank Black - nobody else can pull it off.

list the top five bands in your opinion and reasons why (spectacular riffs, lyrics, etc):

Hot Hot Heat - they're fun and quirky, great songs, intelligent (but not condescening) lyrics
Dresden Dolls - sexy, funny, clever and pretty
Joe Jackson - just a big influence, I guess. Really well written songs, great lyrics
the Grates - fun. catchy. clever. cute.
You Am I - good songs. totally original chord progressions. good lyrics.

(^Subject to change, bi-monthly)

list the top five shows you have ever been to and why:

Primus, Adelaide April 21 2000 - just a damn good show
Joe Jackson, Adelaide September 2003 - very intimate
Dresden Dolls, Melbourne December 2004 - see above.
Big Day Out Adelaide, January 2005 - backstage passes!!!
Radiohead - Sydney, April 2004 - awesome. Support act = brilliance.

Now a little about yourself:
Name: Jimmy Bean
Age: 17
Your location: Adelaide, Australia
Are you with/against war: I'm pretty shallow. Not for, but not really caring either way.
Do you support gay marriage: Shit yes!
What are your views of America and its government: Don't give a fuck. I'm not american. And i'll be an American Idiot before I become as jaded and pathetic as Greenday.
In what genre of music would you classify yourself: music, duh. Genres = segregation
How old were you during your first show: 12
Who was playing: Gerling, Joe Strummer, Foo Fighters, Sonic Animation, Spiderbait, Jebediah, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chemical Brothers, Grinspoon, Blink 182, Eskimo Joe, Atari Teenage Riot, Primal Scream, Nine Inch Nails etc. I didn't see ALL of them, because of conflicting time schedules.

Pic can be found on my LJ


- Jimmy Bean
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The Pink Spiders are taking over. =P

think I'll help a band out today. ^_^
I went to Warped Tour Wednesday. The night before Halston in_thespotlight looked up every band that was going to be there that we'd never heard of.. and we found out about this band from Nashville, TN called the Pink Spiders. Yeah, I know. But, I like them.
Here are some pictures I took of them while they played.
Awkward time in elevators...Collapse )
PinkSpiders - PureVolume
The song "Katie Kutthroat" may or may not work. =\
Their Website
Yeah, so.. their full-length comes out November 16th. Yay.
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