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requesting for Golf&Mike GET READY album~

hye guys! I'm new here & this is my first post. I don't know if this is allowed, I mean requesting. I'm looking for GET READY new released album from Golf&Mike. I wonder if anyone in here already have this & mind to rip it & upload it for everyone?
& I don't have any bribe to give along, sorry for that. & thanks in advance for anywho that will be my kind angel~ :D

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Thaitanium is a hip-hop group from Thailand. If you are into korean or japanese hip-hop I'm pretty sure you'll like these guys. I know I do. ^_^

Request re-uploads HERE only since I'll probably will miss it if you ask anywhere else.

Here are the videos.

Download HERE
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(no subject)

Subject: CLASH - First Live CD
Security: Public

I HIGHLY recommend this one! This is their first concert that was out on video. They didn't sell an album but I've ripped the entire concert. Don't worry, the quality is GREAT. Just like a regular CD.

01. Kord : กอด
02. Fai ruk : ไฟรัก
03. Ruk jing ruk plom : รักจริงรักปลอม
04. Yood fhun kor pai mai teung : หยุดฝันก็ไปไม่ถึง
05. Ai oon ruk : ไออุ่นรัก
06. Lakorn ruk tae : ละครรักแท้ (feat. โอ๊บ-วงไทม์)
07. Emotion
08. Love Scene
09. Suj-ja ar-thi-tarn : สัจอธิษฐาน (feat. Chor. On Na Bangchagng - ช.อ้น ณ บางช้าง)
10. Ter kue nang fa nai jai : เธอคือนางฟ้าในใจ
11. Jao ying ni-tra : เจ้าหญิงนิทรา
12. Pleng pee sua : เพลงผีเสื้อ
13. Roke pra jum tua : โรคประจำตัว (feat. Thaitanium)
14. Ta-lueng : ทะลึ่ง (Thaitanium)
15. Muang khon lhek 2004 : เมืองคนเหล็ก 2004
16. Hoo bao : หูเบา
17. Medley : Medley
18. Sobe tee oak chun : ซบที่อกฉัน
19. Mai tood krup : ไม่ตุ๊ดครับ
20. Sawan mai mee ta : สวรรค์ไม่มีตา
21. Sai rai pai see : ใส่ร้ายป้ายสี
22. Nang fah khon derm : นางฟ้าคนเดิม
23. Nao : หนาว (feat. Noi PRU - น้อย-วงพรู)
24. Ter ja yoo kub chun talod pai : เธอจะอยู่กับฉันตลอดไป

Download at 1world_music
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Nadia Suthikulpanich (Thai pop) (X-post'd)

This is Nadia's second album, "Resources to keep my life vital".

Track List

1. Chan ja chok dee murn mae chan bang mai : ฉันจะโชคดีเหมือนแม่ฉันนี้บ้างไหม?
2. Long aok : โล่งอก
3. Kang nai : ข้างใน
4. Galaxy of love
5. Don't blame it on chocolate
6. Beeb : บีบ
7. Resources to keep my life vital
8. Look bai yai : โลกใบใหญ่ (stylish nonsense mix)
9. Beeb : บีบ (global warming mix)
10.Prung nee : พรุ่งนี้ (return to retro mix)

Download it now...
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*Please comment if you download!*
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hope im allowed to do this...

if i'm not allowed to this then feel free to delete this post...

well, i have just started a new community for the lovely Tata Young! called tata_fans if your intersted just pop over there and join the gang! you can post any new new's or info about her even pic's and graphic's! just spred the Tata love! : D

thank you!