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hey ghurlii3s

i just joined this group. i have a pro-ana LJ, i created this one for PINK & scene related, but alas, i found you instead :-)

here are my stats:

high wt: 174
start wt. 154
sgt: 120
ltg: 110
current wt: 105
low wt: 105
ugw: 100, maybe 99.

i just went to the dr this wk & lied to the nurse, told her i already weighed in. that i had gained a pound. i really lost a lb, 105.0 even :-)
i keep losing, i love it! i had surgery in jan n the pain pills help kill my appetite! i went from a size 15 to a size 2. jeans dont even look
good on me, im wearing xs leggins now. 
need some good friends here, since i just started this  LJ yesterday, like i said, i have another one

everyone have a great day!

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