January 24th, 2007

what I have been up to

last night I went to the gym for 2 hours, one hour was spent in a boot camp class and the other just working out with my friend. I baked chicken and corn yesterday for lunch and a burger for dinner, YUM! Today I went to the gym at 8, I had 5 pieces of fruit and one piece of bacon, I have another class at the gym at 12, rock hard abs, and then lunch with my boy at 1, then kickboxing at 8 and no dinner after kick boxing another hour in the gym with my friend.


hey today im so proud..this morning i had some cantolope which is pretty much negative calories...i had a huge fruit salad at lunch, but i also had a pudding :( it was low fat though...i didnt want to have the v8 though because its the high salt/calorie kind...what am i going to have for dinner?i went to the gym during 1st period, for gym and i burnt only like, 150 calories...i want to lose as much as possible, but i keep having to give in because my mom/friends are around etc...
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