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Name= Katie.
Age= 15.
Sex= Female.
Grade= 10th.
What's the word?= BITCH!


Color= Hot pink and hot green.
5 Bands=
1. Misery Signals
2. Odd Project
3. From First To Last
4. Still Remains
5. Atreyu
Food= I love Wendy's food.
"Thing"= My baby blankie. I've had it since I was like 2.

Least Favorites

Color= Like a greenish yellow. Ew.
5 Bands=
1. Modest Mouse
2. Simple Plan
3. Green Day
4. Franz Ferdiand
5. Metallica
Food= Any sort of sea food is nauseating.
"Thing"= BOYS. Kidding. I guess...this one specific boy because he caused me hurt.

Pick TWO of the following, and give your OPINION

Abortion= My opinion on abortion is that it is wrong. For one, I go to a catholic school and just the stuff they show us about abortion is hurtful. I mean, it's a growing baby whether you think so or not. There is a such thing as adoption, which I believe if you don't want the baby yourself, then give it up for adoption.

Suicide= My opinion on suicide is that it is a very selfish thing to do. I know I have given it a lot of thought at times, but when it comes down to it, to take away your own life because of the pain you may be feeling isn't worth it if the ones you love & that love you are going to have to live with the hurt every day of knowing you did that to yourself. As much as life can suck, sometimes when you least expect it, it does get better. Don't take the easy way out of life.

Tell us a funny story= Hmm. Well this was the only one that came to my mind. Me and my good old friend from back in the day Lisa, we were both about 10 I suppose and we stole this girl Bridget's barbie doll. Now if you knew Bridget you'd think it was funny because her and her whole family are psycho. We held it hostage for like a week and she didn't know where it was. I remember she came over because she thought I had it and was looking for it in my room and I just shoved it underneath my mattress. She didn't find it. It became a huge deal, then me and Lisa took the barbie...cut off all it's hair, colored it black, and then threw it down a sewer. I hope thats funny enough for you.

10 words that describe you=

1. Sensitive.
2. Shy.
3. Sarcastic.
4. Trustworthy.
5. Musiclover.
6. Easily attached.
8. Emotional.
9. Insecure.
10. Friendly.

POST A SALUTE. -- what is a salute? sorry, I'm a little slow.


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