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Name= ashley
Age= sixteen
Sex= female
What's the word?=bitch


Color=pink and teal
5 Bands=
1. tily & the wall
2. rilo kiley
3. death cab
4. christina millan
5. rihanna
Food= peanut butter

Least Favorites

Color= um i don't know yellow?
5 Bands=
1. simple plan
2. good charlotte
3. avril lavigne
4. fall out boy
5. i don't think i have anymore honestly.
Food= sprouts?

Pick TWO of the following, and give your OPINION

George Bush
Gay Rights- i believe the gay people should have the rights as everyone else. in this country we are suppose to be treated EQUAL, no matter if we like someone of the same sex or not. I think it's ridiculous that Bush is actually trying to get a constutional ban from gay people getting married. I've seen gay couples and most of them respect and love eachother more than straight couples do. All they want is to be happy and show their love for one another so why should we really care if they are the same sex or not. I'm not personally gay or anything but gay couples really don't gross me out as much as they do to some people and I just think people need to become a little bit open minded and realize that God made them how they are.
Abortion- I'm against it 100%. I understand that if you were raped you might not want to keep the baby, but why not give it up for adoption. The baby would be able to live it's life with parents that will love and care for it. I don't think it's right for teenagers these days that are to careless to not use a condom to just be aborting babies when there are married couples out there that have tried for years to have a child and cannot.
Self Injury
Under Age drinking

Tell us a funny story=at work today, i had to mop the floor, and i'm alowed to listen to the radio and everything so i was listening to it and one of my favorite songs came on and i forgot that the floor was still wet were the radio was to turn it up and i slipped and fell.

10 words that describe you=creative. cute. smart. funny. orginal. nice. caring. loving. dorky. bubbly.

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