Hey everyone, this has been a very lovely community to be part of, but I'm leaving most of the communities I'm in. Thank you so much for accepting me. If you want to stay in contact with me feel free to added.


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I have a small story and a question following...

I go to East Detroit High School in Michigan. A lot of my friends, are supporting Gay Marraige. So As I. Well my friend wanted to put a "Support Gay Marraiges" Sign on his book bag and the school suspended him.

They Cant do that I believe.

I support Gay Marraiges...

Does anyone agree with me?



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Alright, some more...blah blah blah for your lovely eyes

4 more left....promote promote<3

And don't need to post just pictures of yourself here. If you right, music or poetry, or you draw, or anything that you enjoy, you can post it here
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ok....late last night...I was trying to figure out how I should make an accepted list. And after about an hour of beating myself in the face over it...I just made a compete different journal for it.


I need a nice clear picture from halonin
and I need one in general from thejuggaloklown

and everyone else who is applying please please PLEASE have a 100x100 picture in your photos. I spent forever and a day resizing everyone's.

Anywho...check out the list and tell me if it's groovy or not.
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oh...and if anyone could make some accepted/recjected/promo banners...I'd love them for the rest of their friggen lives. <3