...but only if you'd fuck me (____dollyhead) wrote in _____stitched,
...but only if you'd fuck me

ok....late last night...I was trying to figure out how I should make an accepted list. And after about an hour of beating myself in the face over it...I just made a compete different journal for it.


I need a nice clear picture from halonin
and I need one in general from thejuggaloklown

and everyone else who is applying please please PLEASE have a 100x100 picture in your photos. I spent forever and a day resizing everyone's.

Anywho...check out the list and tell me if it's groovy or not.
Promote promote promote!
oh...and if anyone could make some accepted/recjected/promo banners...I'd love them for the rest of their friggen lives. <3
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