xcherry_scented (xcherry_scented) wrote in _____stitched,

stitch my fist bitch

:Name.: Sierra
.:Herritage.: english. lame         
.:Do or have done any drugs.no! sXe thnx:
.:What Would Jesus Do.:whatever he wanted
.:Do you have any peircings, tattoos, body mods0 gauge ears, septum, nostril, labret
.:5 Bands/Artists.: hate in the box, switchblade symphony, jack off jill, the birthday massacre, rasputina
.:Any musicians you despise.: not really. I would have to say radiohead. i just dont get them.
.:(fav)Books.: Harry Potter!!!!!
.:(fav)Person.:Allison Myrick. shes so sweet and such a good friend
.:(fav)Pie.: raspberry! it's sweet and fruity. ^_^
.:(fav)Movies.: little nemo, ginger snaps
.:(fav)Candy.: im not sure.
.:Are you a virgin.: yessuh                              
.:What do you think about Juggalos/letttes.:they're ok. just not up in my face plz
.:If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why.:somewhere cold, i like to be bundled up.
.:What the hell do you think about this draft shit in the U.S..: its so stupid. i just hate it.
.:Do you think you're sexy. C'mon, be conceited.: when i have layers of make up on i do. i love to look in the mirror too, im so vain
.:What decorates your walls.: they're just pink
.:Do you miss the 90's.: not that much
.:Is a cucumber a fruit or vegetable?. a vegatable duh! why would it be a fruit?:
.:Any fetishes, we all have some: EYEBROWS! *drool*. im wierd

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