Damien Doolittle (klowndogg) wrote in _____stitched,
Damien Doolittle

Stitch my fist bitch!

.:Name.: Shane
.:Age.: 26
.:Location.: Moline, IL
.:Sex.: M
.:Sexuality.: Straight
.:Herritage.: Belgian/Bohemian
.:Do or have done any drugs.: Nope... never...
.:What Would Jesus Do.: I had a friend named Jesus... All he ever did was eat pizza!
.:Do you have any peircings, tattoos, body mods.: One piercing - ear... One tattoo - right shoulder

(This pic was taken right after I got it done)

.:5 Bands/Artists.: ICP, Twiztid, ABK, Tech N9ne, Dark Lotus
.:Any musicians you despise.: Ludacris, Nelly, Lil John, just about any of the new rappers coming out these days!
.:(fav)Books.: Anything by Stephen King or Dean Koontz
.:(fav)Person.: My gf Kirsten (subvocaled)
.:(fav)Pie.: Strawberry or Cherry (Unless you consider cheesecake a pie! Then THAT is my favorite, by far!)
.:(fav)Movies.: I love horror movies! The bloodier the better!
.:(fav)Candy.: PEZ!
.:Are you a virgin.: Nope!
.:What do you think about Juggalos/lettes.: I love my hatchet family!
.:If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why.: Right here! Because this is home. Although Germany was awesome... I may go back someday!
.:What the hell do you think about this draft shit in the U.S..: It sucsk... but what can ya do?
.:Do you think you're sexy. C'mon, be conceited.: Hell yeah! I'm a Juggalo and a fat kid! And all 'Los and 'Lettes know that fat kids are so sexy! :D
.:What decorates your walls.: ICP/Twiztid posters and pics of my gf!
.:Do you miss the 90's.: Nah....
.:Is a cucumber a fruit or vegetable?.: Who cares? They make good pickles! =P
.:Any fetishes, we all have some:. I may have a few... but thet are freakish... so we will just say no for the sake of my sanity!

+Cam Whoring+
.:Post at least 3 pictures of your self, make one 100x100

Hey it's ME!

Look at that! ME again!

Me and one of my kitties.

A lil me eating my Wraith CD!


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