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stitch my fist bitch

Vermont , usa
.:Sex.: female
.:Herritage.:im welch....yeah its cool.
.:Do or have done any drugs.:um, smoked pot once. it was lame, other than that just ibprofin for headaches:)
 .:What Would Jesus Do.:simply put, i dont care.
 .:Do you have any peircings, tattoos, body mods: top and bottom navel, 0gauges in first earlobe holes, 14 in the 2nd holes. cart. thats about it though...parents are bitches about tats & piercings..
 .:5 Bands/Artists.: Tool, a perfect circle, jack off jill, hate in the box, switchblade symphony,
.:Any musicians you despise.: radiohead, i just cant get into their stuff...its like alternative emo...weird.
 .:(fav)Books.:Cut by patricia mccormic, pure sunshine by some guy, the torn skirt, teen fiction about teens with problems... .:(fav)Person.:my best friend Devin (dab1) her lj sucks but she doesnt. shes the coolest person i know, better than any celebrity. .:(fav)Pie.:mm pie. i'd have to go with....cherry .:(fav)Movies.:thirteen, fight club, monty python (any of them), milo and otis, gingersnaps 1, 2, and 3
.:(fav)Candy.: candy necklaces.cause theu=y're pretty and tasty .:Are you a virgin.:nope, and ive only had sex with one person.
.:What do you think about Juggalos/lettes.:ugh i guess its cool. i havent come into to much contact with them to really tell you what i think about em'.
 .:If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why.:scottland, cause its breautiful, and i love bagpipes....and OBVIOUSLY if you live in scottland you hear bagpipes all the time....i mean right?
 .:What the hell do you think about this draft shit in the U.S..:its bullshit. we got rid of it for a reason, its just being re-instated cause the gov. realized that A LOT of people in this country hate war and dont want to be a part of it, and they like forcing things on people....asses.
 .:Do you think you're sexy. C'mon, be conceited.:fuck yea. im hott. even if im chubby. fuck yea i can admit it. im proud!
 .:What decorates your walls.: Paintings that i've done, drawings from my boyfriend, um, nothing other than thatm my wall are blue though! .:Do you miss the 90's.:Not really. i miss being 5 when nothing hurt and i had engery, but the 90's in gerneral...naw
.:Is a cucumber a fruit or vegetable?.:as far as im concerned its a fucking veggie. just cause i wouldnt pickle a fruit. .
:Any fetishes, we all have some:. biting(mmmm),suicide girls, knives, and being tied up
+Cam Whoring+
this one is less than 100x100 if thats a problem, i can resize a different one.
thank you much, have a nice day.

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