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stitch my fist bitch

.:Name.: Giovanna
.:Age.: 17
.:Location.: Southfield, Michigan
.:Sex.: yum
.:Sexuality.: straight like arrow..until the end
.:Herritage.: mexican, italian, then..some random german, dutch...muttness
.:Do or have done any drugs.: I would't be surprised if I was on one right now. *checks*  damn..
:What Would Jesus Do.: lick my boots.
.:Do you have any peircings, tattoos, body mods.: ears (w00p w00p) and labret
.:5 Bands/Artists.: those insane clown weirdos (HAR!), Garbage, Dark Lotus, Deftones, Lords of Acid, Velvet Acid Christ, Foo Fighters...oh so many..
.:Any musicians you despise.: I really despised Creed..I guess they are no longer a band. YAY me! If I dont like a band, I don't listen to them, so...Creed was about it.
.:(fav)Books.: The Giving Tree and Sam and the Firefly
.:(fav)Person.: I like people. They're fun, and all bloody on the inside. but individuals persons kinda suck.
.:(fav)Pie.: pumpkin
.:(fav)Movies.: Mallrats (or any view askew),The Fifth Element, The Emperor's New Groove (haha, i just bought it), Evil Dead/Army of Darkness, Alice in Wonderland, True Romance, Drop Dead Fred
.:(fav)Candy.: blow pops
.:Are you a virgin.: nah..but im like a virgin..
.:What do you think about Juggalos/lettes.: They're kinda .. clowny.. and funny lookin' and wicked scary..
.:If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why.: Australia, it seems so awesome, theres desert! AND ocean...and everyone there talks like a bad ass *lol* and it's so HAWT! i love HAWT weather. *grin* I wanna be a sheila! >.<
.:What the hell do you think about this draft shit in the U.S..: Uhm...I actually just heard about it...but im sure it's nothing..we DO have an army, and a lot of soldiers that are already getting paid, and are already trained and are willing to go kill people.
.:Do you think you're sexy. C'mon, be conceited.: Yeah, I think Im sexy, or Im really sexy when Im happy and excited, but on days like these..even when I get dressed up and look nice.. BLAH! I hate when I feel like I need other people to say it. I kind of like communites like these where everyone is hot and sexy and I can be...and we're all sexy and funny and weird...where am I going with this? .
:What decorates your walls.: got painted
.:Do you miss the 90's.: I do...but I want the fucking flying cars to come RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! besides...everyone just brings back the 90s anyways..
.:Is a cucumber a fruit or vegetable?.: dildo vegetable.. .:Any fetishes, we all have some:. mmm..neck biting, or lip biting. OOH! just biting in general.. but not so much ME to them..but them to me...and if they can make a nasty zombie growl while doing it.. FUCK YES

+Cam Whoring+ .:Post atleast 3 pictures of your self, make one 100x100

HAHAH!!! Cam Whore is my middle name!! *lol* yeah "3" .. right..

 <-- That's Mr. Rotten Treats, he's my best friend.

This is where the fun starts...  *grin*  faygo machine at school = fun



Gotta love cam whoring...


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